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commercial muna!

hehehe. jeanny's comment in my last post led me to a whole hour reminiscing on youtube. hehehe. naiyak  ako! bakit ba ang emotional ng mga commercials natin? hahaha! ang drama talaga ng pinoy! i guess we're about the only people who can laugh and cry while watching a fastfood commercial. is it the commercials or is it us? iyakin lang ba talaga tayo? whatchutink?

this mcdo commercial was aired while i was in tokyo, so i had no idea that this commercial existed. when i went home that christmas, i decided to drop by ayala to see my old co-workers. it was close to merienda, so i stopped by red ribbon to get them some cake.

guy:   anong order po nila ma'am?
me:    isang mango cake (i think. basta it was a mango something)
guy:   (he rings up my bill) ano pong name nila ma'am (so they can call me when the cake is ready)
me:    karen (i usually don't say caryn kasi hahaba ang usapan)
guy:   (looks up and smiles) ma'am, hindi po ba gina?
me:   (uber-puzzled) hindi. bakit? (i look closely at my clothes kasi baka may gina nga na nakalagay somewhere)
guy:   hindi ma'am yung sa commercial po (he seems confused that i couldn't get it)
me:   anong commercial? (really bewildered by now)
guy:   (looks defeated) ok lang po ma'am sige po, upo na lang muna kayo

of course the gang at the museum had a barrel of laughs when i told them of my weird experience. gosh, the guy must've thought me a moron to not know what he was talking about. hahaha!

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haha remember that commercial anyways im here in ota-ku area about 10 mins to shinagawa sta. ikaw?
i remember this one. emotional talaga dahil ganyan ang pinoy, eh. hehehe.
lapit lang din tau and gumawa ka na ng google account hehe ;-)...hay been raining the whole day pati nga daw next week ulan grr! lol
karen o caryn?
hahaha! caryn, grabe ang halakhak ko sa post mong itetch! :-) what a great way to cap off my sunday night!
Aliw noh!!!
ayos noh....kaka aliw panoorin yung mga lumang commercial. Dami din palang classic na naka post sa youtube, akalain meron pa dun commercial si amalia fuentes...grabe 1970 pa yata yun hahaha.

I love that mcdo commercial. Very Filipino talaga :)
oh my gawd....
super naiyak ako dun sa commercial..
naalala ko lolo ko...

i love filipino commercials.
they always capture out hearts.
i think theyre one of a kind.
just like this one, perfect example.
unlike the commercials here in the US...
theyre so lame...walang effort!

still sniffling,
Re: sniffles...
(hands mitchy a tissue)

ako rin; kaya ako naiyak kasi i remembered my lolo. hahaha!
hi caryn
I think iyakin lang talaga tayo.

Man, I haven't seen a pinoy commercial in a very long time.
ngek! ryn, na-teary eyed din ako. unexpectedly. kasi parati na joke ito e di ba? sentimental pa rin pala ako :) - melbita
senti :D
Asian and European commercial really differs sa atin pang masa talaga :D! Here they also have this kind of ad but not touching as this. Commercials are more on fashion, beauty and technology ;)! Kakamiss eto ;) !
Re: senti :D
hahaha! oo nga, once when i was in vienna i saw a commercial for a shower gel that had full frontal nudity. i was like whoa! bawal sa pinas yan! ahhaha!
Nice one again!
kaka-miss ang commercial na ito. and natawa rin ako sa story mo about the mango cake.

Re: Nice one again!
uy! may blog na si janice!

hehehe. oo nga, mango ckae at red ribbon will never be the same for me.
gina, ooops, karen pala... hmmm caryn pala...
Hahaha, nice one there. I love the commercial. Notice the hanky? I remember the hanky because the Lolo eventually had a name for the hanky too. He was once interviewed by Julius Babao and Cristine Bersola while on a morning show, I just forgot the name of the yellow hanky. So much for that, nice post you have here.

Re: gina, ooops, karen pala... hmmm caryn pala...
hahaha! talaga? i never really knew about the hanky either kasi when i finally saw the commercial they had already cut that part out. thanks! glad you liked the post!
This is one of my most favorite commercial in Philippine TV...