April 1st, 2009

jorge's library


 Hi people! I'm sorry I haven't updated in ages. I've just been a bit busy. I was editing several papers---actually, I'm still supposed to be doing that---for most of last week. sigh. Anyway, I'm just glad that work is progressing well ;-)



You know you’re hooked on j-doramas and popular j-pop culture when…


1.     You sit beside a bunch of obasans (old ladies) in a restaurant and you understand every single word they say. They’re talking about the band Arashi and you’re not even a fan. What gives?

2.     At the supermarket, you have an insane urge to buy a case of Sapporo Premium just because you saw Kaneshiro Takeshi’s commercial. Yes, “Sugee!”

3.     You’re itching to rip off a Crows Zero II poster that you saw on the metro. Ditto for the Kaneshiro’s ginormous Java Tea poster. Loved the red suit! ;-)

4.     You gave away your TV half a year ago, yet you’re updated on the most of the dramas being shown.

5.     You’ve seen your favorite dramas from start to finish. More than twice. You know exactly where to find certain scenes when you’re “reviewing” them on mysoju.

6.     You buy the entire manga (comic book) series on which the drama was based. In Japanese. You read manga on the train. You even have a manga cover so that people won’t see what you’re reading. You begin to recognize the different dialects used in the manga. You start spouting Osaka ben (the dialect of Osaka). “Ee, kamahen.” You talk about the characters in the series as if you were bosom buddies. “Tapos sabi ni Sano…”

7.     You stalk your favorite actors on youtube during work breaks. And you giggle like a 6th-grader when you find something you like.

8.     You’re usually too lazy to decipher Japanese text, yet you manage to read a two-page magazine article on Shun Oguri and Takayuki Yamada.

9.     You have your favorite Japanese actor on your computer screen. And you talk to him when you’re stressed.

10.  You can sing most of the drama songs when you go to karaoke with friends.

Your significant other finds all of this a bit odd, but on the whole, is resigned to the fact that there is nothing he can do, save tying you to a chair and blinding you. He even convinces himself that your Japanese skills are improving ;-) Hahaha. Thanks for understanding Juls!


what are you guys hooked on right now? ;-)