December 18th, 2008

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the ikemen tag

 I’m off to Manila tomorrow, so this blog will have a month-long hiatus ;-)

But in the spirit of giving that is Christmas, I’d like to share this ikemen tag that I invented with all of you. Heehee. Similar to the manhunt tag that was popular mid-2008, the ikemen tag is also a hottie tag, however I’d like to restrict it to your locale. So wherever you are, share the eye-candy! Show us 5 of the hottest guys (or gals) in your area.

I suspect a lot of you (especially those into j-dorama) are already familiar with the five guys I’m posting here, so enjoy!

1.     Kaneshiro Takeshi – C’mon, do I really need to qualify this? Hehehe. I first fell for him when I saw him in Kamisama mou sukoshi dake. I saw him in Red Cliff recently, he was still awesome. Amazing acting skills, he had the courtly Chinese manner down pat. Funny because he closely resembles of my fave Ayala colleagues for whom I have long lusted after (wuv you wicky!) ;-) PS: Homaygath! They're showing Kamisama on channel 2!!! I saw it when i arrived last friday! it airs 10:30-ish. i hate the guy they used to dub kaneshiro, his voice is so puny, whereas in the real drama, his voice is so deep it can send shivers down your spine! ooh mama!


2.     Shun Oguri- Got hooked on this guy when I saw him play the moody Izumi Sano on Hanazakiri no Kimitachi e. Now I’ve seen almost all of his films and dramas and have become a fan on facebook (in short, nagiging stalker na ako). I still maintain that if I were Tsukushi Makino on Hana yori Dango I’d have chosen Rui Hanazawa. Anubeh! Boba!!! I also resent that he got killed off in both Azumi films.  Love him best when he isn’t blond, and when he’s playing a surly-sweet guy. Ayiyi! But love, love him in all his roles. Gusto ko syang paglihian. Hahaha!

3.     Hideaki Ito- Heehee. Saw him in one of his old j-doramas, Sagittarius I think it was. Amazing bone structure and screen presence. He’s just soooo hunky! ;-)

4.     Tomoya Nagase- Wala lang, cute lang sya. I still cannot see what he saw in Ayumi Hamasaki, but then they broke up already so ok lang. Hehehe.

5.     Hayami Mokomichi- OK, I said that I wouldn’t stoop to drooling over kids, but he’s the exception (atsaka of age naman sya since he’s over 20 na. Hahahahah!). Saw him in Gokusen 3 and said “Gwapo tong batang to ah!” I’m currently watching him in Zettai Kareshi where he plays a robotic love machine (love, love impossible plots). Rumor has it that he’s half-pinoy, but I haven’t confirmed that yet. (Save says he's a quarter pinoy---mom daw nya ay ha-fu datte)

So who’s hot in your side of town? ;-) Share naman!

To do this tag:

1)     List 5 ikemen (hotties) from your side of the globe and let us know why he’s hot

2)     Tag 5 people to do it too ;-)

I’m tagging Mimi, Jo, Odette, Soy, and Kayni ;-)