November 30th, 2008

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kamisama, mou ichido (please God, one more time!)

heeheehee. guys, please forgive my fangirl moment, but i have to post about one of my favorite j-doramas: Kami Sama mou sukoshi dake 神様もう少しだけ (Please God, give me some more time かな) starring the sumptuous Kaneshiro Takeshi. double sigh.

This is the story of Masaki and Keigo. Masaki is a high school student and Keigo is this big-time music producer. Masaki is a big fan of his, so when she loses her wallet containing a ticket to his last concert in Japan before he leaves for the US, she sleeps with a guy in order to get money to buy a new ticket. i know, stupid right? the thing is she gets to go to the concert and she meets Keigo and  for some reason willed by the powers that be they end up sleeping together (life is not fair!!!). buT then, Masaki finds out she contacted HIV from the guy she slept with before Keigo and everything falls apart. Ironically, Keigo, who's felt soulless and adrift for the longest time finds his passions (and not just the carnal ones) re-envigorated by Masaki's idealism and candor. so amidst a jealous singer (the younger sis of Keigo's ex who died), worrying parents, strict doctors, taunting friends (kids can be so cruel sometimes), and oh, the HIV issue, Masaki and Keigo try to make a go at it.

This scene is supposed to be three years after they met. Masaki is still holding on and Keigo asks her to go to the US with him. I can't remember why, but she doesn't. Gaga! I'd be like "game, tara!!! you want to leave now na?" Dyosko, anubeh! When Kaneshiro Takeshi looks at you like that, with matching earnest puppy-dog eyes, I don't know how anyone can say no to him. ahahahaaaay!!!

homaygath. if you can watch this please doooo!

grabe, the story is so bittersweet that you cannot stop crying. this was shown around 1998, but when i roomed with Goy in 2002-2004, during one of Tsutaya's (a vid rental place) women-can-rent-oldies-for-100yen days, she rented the whole series. we spent almost 4 days crying our eyes out. we seriously had to go out to buy tissue. hahaah!

the ending is worth it. plamis.

basta, try to watch it on youtube; its subtitled ;-)

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