creative collab

Sigh. I suddenly miss all the lovely ladies who participated in the Creative Swap. Gosh, that seems like aeons ago. Hahaha! The whole thing was put on hold because P-chan was about to be born. And now he's almost five! Yikes! Where did all the time go? Hahaha!

So I was really excited to recently work on something artsy with my good blogging buddy Odette. Here's what we've been working on:

BCWYWF cover 20150131

It's the cover for my book ;-) I did the illustration and digital layout and Odette worked on the calligraphy. So happy with how it turned out! Could not resist adding architectural details---can you spot the Tokyo Metropolitan Office building, the Golden Turd, the Fuji Terebi building in Odaiba, Sensoji Temple, and the Millennium Tower in Yokohama?

Here's the original cover that I've been using since 2009:

NEW cover size

The male figure was patterned after Oguri Shun. Sigh. It has almost the same elements (like the buildings and the torii), but I wanted something more relaxed for the launch.

What do you think? ;-)