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casualty of war

Okay. I know boys are boisterous and everything, but when I picked up the poor green army man above, the only thought that was going through my head was: "How the hell did they do that?!"

My oldest isn't even five and my youngest is barely two. Does this mean I still have a looong way to go? Waaah!
uy! dalawa na pala sila! galing! it's been a long time na kasi 'no? i opened yung old blog ko and saw may update ka 2 days ago. when i saw the title, akala ko it's about the hostaged japanese :D iba palang casualty of war. hee hee. xoxo

BEM!!! kumusta ka na? why can't i find your site? Hahaha!
oo nga, ibang casualty of war pala ;-(
My boy
My one and only boy also does that to his toys! His LEGO people have exchanged body parts already. Some he called zombies. Yikes!
Re: My boy
Hi Ceemee! Thanks for dropping by!
Sigh. I am just so amazed how they managed to chop his head off. Hahaha! But yes, they're having fun with the interchangeable lego parts too … now I only wish we could find all the missing parts. Hahaha!