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a touch of serenity

Lunchtime is usually a rushed affair for me. The kids come in all sweaty and muddy from the park, acting as if they had been starved for days on end, and I scramble to prepare something quick and nutritious. Then I supervise them throughout the messy meal, whose duration largely depends on what they're having (if it's spam or pan-fried salmon, they practically inhale the food within 5 minutes, but if it's nilaga, it'll take close to 30 minutes). Then they clean up and then it's TV time while Mama eats, and it's another hour before I persuade them to take a nap.

But some days are relaxed. Today was one of those days.

Days like these make me really thankful for little pockets of serenity to enjoy a simple Japanese lunch of makimono, miso shiru, and mikan while the kids play quietly.

Of course about 5 minutes after the photos above were taken, my youngest, I-chan runs up to the table to demand a share of mikan. Hahaha!


What did you have for lunch today?