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missing my blog pals

In the past few days I've been studiously reviewing my old posts and rereading all the comments. I realized that I've really missed blogging; especially the part where I get to interact with all the friends I've made here. Sure, some of them are on FB and I get real-time updates on what's happening in their lives, but it's different on a blog.

What exactly is different?

I guess the fact that a blog post is similar to a diary / journal entry; it's more than just a status update, it's a snippet of our thoughts and feelings at a certain point in our lives. Blog authors put their hearts into their stories. I know I do.

I've been trying to find time to blog hop and catch up with everyone and am sometimes saddened to see that my friends' blogs have been inactive for some time too. And I really miss reading about all their escapades and commiserating on their problems or trying out a trick or recipe that they recommended. When I announced that I was preggers with Pchan, so many people commented to congratulate us. And most of those were people I'd never even met. But I felt the love that they were sending. And I was ecstatic :-)

I'm just really glad that I got into blogging. I'm glad I got to record snippets of my life in Tokyo like this. And I'm super glad I got to meet and interact with all of you:-)

I truly value your readership :-) There were times when I was in Manila, I'd be in the middle of a meeting or after one of my lectures, some people would come up to me and tell me that they read my blog. And I'd feel all warm inside :-) There was even a time when a colleague found out I was based in Tokyo and she began telling me of a blog she used to read. It was of a Filipina living in Tokyo. Then she began to describe in detail one of her favorite blog entries. And it was my public washroom series. And she was just so kilig when I told her it was my blog, she even insisted on a picture. Hahaha!

I guess that's the difference between FB and blogging --- one can't help but read the status updates on FB, but one really has to make the effort to blog-hop and touch base with everybody. I love the fact that I'm not forcing anybody to read my blog, but some kind souls do so anyway.

And I'd like to say thank you. Thank you very much!

And I promise to make a concerted effort to write more. Thanks for taking this journey with me! Arigatou minna!
I for one am glad you are back! We were in tokyo this summer and the thought of "hey, I know a blogger from here, wish I could meet her!" crossed my mind! It's true what you said about the effort one puts into a blog post. I don't have a Facebook account so I rely on emails and blog post interactions for news. And it is more personal, well, as personal as one can get over the interwebs.
But anyway nice to have you back and looking forward to your tokyo adventures!

I'm still here as well :-) but with so many platforms to share one's thoughts, its difficult to stick to one.

- Albert
so glad to read your stories again :-)