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The long and winding road

Have a look at the curved accent on this street we spied in Tsukuba today. A border and a change in the color of the pavement denotes the separation of cars and pedestrians --- or does it? Hahaha! One side of the road had no sidewalk to speak of, but the other side had a pretty wide one. So that left me wondering, what are those curves really for? Any intelligent guesses? ;-)

No idea
I definitely have no idea. Welcome home!

Noticed the post or vertical structure further down the road? No obstruction should be put on the road since it will cause accident. Perhaps that structure was there before the road was built. So they curved the pavement in order to exclude the structure from the road.

They curved the other side to retain symmetry.

Guess 1 : The Pathwalk on the Right Side near the stairs must have a bigger pedestrian lane so that cars must move away from the stairs

Guess 2 : If this twisting road goes on and on, maybe its a way to make the driver slowdown. The driver must turn left and right thus making the car slowdown(slightly).
i see the pole in front of the curce. i think the curve helps in directing bikes/vehicles not to hit the pole. just a guess. (kayni)
It seems they wanted to make room for pedestrians in front of the building across the street.

My two cents.
finally have a use for this trivia
do you know zig ziglar? he wrote a book and there was this part in that book that tells of the originator of the roadlines (forgot the name though). she thought that while driving, people would need a consistent guide to prevent accidents and to promote order. also, she thought that when driving, our eyes play so many visual tricks. and with that thought, she came up with the road lines instead of having governments put up fences or walls to get people to stay in one lane (tsk, manila needs walls!). anyweis, on the picture, to keep drivers from hitting the poles they, made use of the curves.