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 at first i thought the orcs were storming mawdor --- then i remembered i really wasn't an LOTR fan.

my second thought was: "is this the end of the world?" imagine, left and right people were shoving items into their carts. in front of me, the lines to the cashier snaked around the displays. panic-buying. chaos. this wasn't a sight i had envisioned when i planned a quick visit to the mall. and it certainly wasn't a normal occurrence at 10:15 in the morning. gadzooks, didn't the mall just open?!

(un)fortunately for me, SM was having one of its 3-day sales on the day i decided to get p-chan a new playpen. heehee. i simply wasn't prepared!
were the prices really good? i've only been to SM once in manila and twice in baguio. (kayni)
Re: hello
hm, there were good deals, but there were just soooo many people that looking for stuff was kind of tedious. hahaha! i heard that some people go the day before and plan what to buy ;-)
So, that's gonna be the situation when SM opens in Gensan next year, ugh! I hope it rains money now.

you're in manila pala? :)

hay, torture tyalaga pag nagsale ang SM! traffic an so many people!

what SM branch are you referring to here caryn?

Ah, I can relate to this experience of yours.

It seems that SM malls have this special 'first-three-hours' sale during the first day, wherein people can get 10 to 20 discount less on all items (and not just selected ones). That explains why the people you saw were shopping like mad at 10:15 a.m.

hhaahahaha. Galing kaya nun.. End of the world talaga..