C P Santi (gandarynako) wrote,
C P Santi

Sunday out

Juls, P-chan, and I spied an interesting quasi-Italian restaurant belonging to the Skylark group on our way home from hearing mass at Ichikawa. So we decided to have dinner early. It's lovely that we get to take him out nowadays. It doesn't hurt either that he manages to be well-behaved throughout our meal (I wonder how long that'll last).

They had amazingly cheap sets for 1,100yen ~ pasta or gratin, antipasti, dolce, and drink bar. Juls and I had the carbonara ~ predictable, I know, but it was surprisingly filling.

Then I had a platter of fried zucchini. Yummers!

Juls, who is predictably wary of most veggies, chose the cheese foccacia.

Then we had tiramisu and purin (flan) for dessert. Not a bad deal at all! Now if I could only remember the name of the place ... ;-)

Tags: food, via ljapp

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