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contoured burp cloths

I had some fleece and double gauze to spare a couple of weeks ago so I decided to make them into contoured burp cloths for P. They measure roughly 25cm x 45cm, have rounded edges, and contours for the neck. Heehee. I just copied designs I spied on the interned. They were pretty easy to follow. Then I hand-stitched the border around and added a monogram. P-chan doesn't really have a name yet, so I went with an "S" for our surname ;-) So far, I've made 6 of these, which seems a pretty fair number to work with ... although I won't really know how useful they are until I start using them. Hehehe.
your baby is so lucky to have so many handmade things made with love from mommy =). - donna
o like that polka dot pattern! it's something you can never go wrong about when it comes to kids/babies!

lapit na ba d day? :)

Ang galing galing ni Mommy C! Sobrang matutuwa si baby pag nakita nyang yung pieces of labor of love paglaki nya.
P-chan is lucky to have you! Inspired ah!

P.S. I don't know what burp cloths are. Nakakahiya! Will google! ;)

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