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got crafty yesterday

heehee. i think i've started getting creative again ;-) although juls constantly cautions me not to overdo, i managed to finish this shirt yesterday. basically i jazzed up a shirt with some tulip paint. it's not as photogenic as i'd like it to be, but i'm really happy with the result. i thinks it's actually very wearable, as opposed to the showy performance shirts i sometimes make. juls asked if it was his and when i said no, he looked so sad that i had to pacify him with the promise that i'd make him one soon. hahaha! he calls it a t-shirt barong because the details are so fine, they look like embroidery.

this is going out in the mail today ;-)


to all creative swappers, the swap will be on hold until mid-next year or until everything is back into a semi-manageable state (will it ever be?). hahaha! it was really fun swapping stuff with you and i hope that you all enjoyed the experience. till next time! ;-)
wow. ganda nya!swerte naman ng recipient nyan.

~eds/blue rose
will earnestly wait for the Creative Swap to be back rolling!