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birthday giveaway ;-)

heehee. 12 days until my birthday. wheee!

and just like last year, in thanksgiving for your untiring readership, i'm giving away a few things ;-)

the prizes

1 - a shirt
2 - a flat japanese knot bag
3 - a book cover
4 - the grand prize tata-da-dan-ta-da-dan... a shirt, a japanese knot bag, and a book cover

... all made by me ;-) and in the tradition of the creative swap, i promise to pack some yummy japanese goodies in there as well. weird kitkats anyone? ;-)

how to join?

hm, last year i simply asked for comments on the site, but this year, i decided to make it a bit of challenge ;-) some of you may know that i'm an architect and that i'm very interested in anything spatial. so to join this contest, all you have to do is write a short entry about your favorite space and why you like it. it can be anything --- a part of your home, a small stopover on your way to work, your favorite toilet, your worktable, or a place that relaxes you. i'm interested in finding out what kind of spaces and / or places you have an affinity with ;-)

so you all have until 12 midnight of the 22nd to write an entry (with or without pictures) about your favorite space or place. leave me a comment on this post with a link to your entry. winners will be drawn via randomizer ;-)

sali na!

hapi bertday!
uy now lang ako ulit nakabalik may give-away pa. bertday mo na pala ulit, that means almost a year na din kita nakilala. tama nga ba? :D

adv hapi bertday caryn! mwah!
Advance happy, happy birthday, caryn!! Wish you all the happiness in the world!!

sali ako! yahooo! yahoooo!

Yay, daming giveaways from July celebrants. I have one, too. It's good our deadlines are a week apart. I shall join! =)
When I resigned from my first job, I realized that apart from missing the people I worked with, I missed our floor's restroom. It's just so quiet, clean, relaxing and the bench is just the perfect place to talk and catch up with my then colleagues. We also used the excuse of going to the restroom if we're too stressed with work. It's like you're in a time capsule and you don't know what's going on outside. It's also a place to sew my pants once I accidentally had it ripped, or when my friend had a breakdown or simply go there just to make chismis on one of our officemates. We even had memorable pictures taken in that place. I just miss it so much that I want to have something like that if I get my own place, black marble, white fixtures and a very comfortable bench.
advance happy birthday!
couldn't resist the contest prize, so here's my entry! :)
happy birthday
wow! araw lang pala ang pagitan ng birthday natin :-)
thomasian ka, ako din, architect ka, interior designer ako... wala lang. kunyari related hehe!
hmmm, makasali nga din sa contest mo, baka swertehin ako heheh!
happy birthday!
count me in!
and i love the topic, i certainly have my own favorite place and i can't wait to share it. ^-^
lovely giveaways too!
Advance Happy Birthday!!!

I'll try to join =)

mmmmm... interesante :)

sali ako!
hi caryn! sali ako so heto na po ang aking favorite space

happy birthday uliT!
advance happy birthday!
wow! dami palang may birthday ng july dito sa blogosphere ah!

advance happy birthday to you caryn. may all your wishes come true.

sali ako. i'll be back kapag na ipost ko na entry ko.

`blue rose
wheee sali ako!