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public art project 11: wall art

i haven't posted much on public art lately, though i must have snapped dozens of photos ;-) in the interest of decluttering my pics folder, here's a dose of tokyo public art:

juls and i spied this interesting wall treatment a couple of weeks ago at roppongi midtown. it looks like an exhibit or something no? they even have labels at the bottom.

they were actually part of a display for a dye company whose shop entrance is just beyond the column. a really good use of wall space! ;-)

now onto more serious art, this mural was by Taro Okamoto and is now displayed in Shibuya station. Titled "The Myth of Tomorrow," it depicts a human figure being hit by an atomic bomb. Its kind of a grim reminder for the thousands who walk this path each day. Okamoto is also famous for the public art displayed at the Osaka World Fair in 1970. His Tower of the Sun sculpture still stands there today. Surreal no?


what kind of art do you see during your daily commute?

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near our office is the st regis hotel, and it has a couple of sculptures. unfortunately, i don't like it hehe (perhaps kasi i don't understand the concept behind each)
what ART do i see?
hay naku, yung sakit sa ulong MMDA Art ni Bayani Fernando! *inis* i'm just glad he stopped painting the metro with it. the closest to art i could think of are the tarp ads along katipunan. *sigh*

buti pa diyan, may mga totoong art on the streets.
Re: what ART do i see?
naks. magiging national artist na si bayani for all the art he's splattered the metro with ;-)
come to think of it, I can't remember seeing any artwork that falls under paintings or murals or sculptures on my way to work. however, I do see art in the tearing down of houses/buildings and building of new ones in their place, which are usually present near my apartment. I love how they can destroy and create buildings here in Japan in such a short amount of time.
By the way, Caryn, thanks for dropping by my new blog. I followed your blog and would like to add it to my blogroll, if you don't mind :)
hey, sure! thanks for wanting to add me ;-)

yup, you have to admire how the japanese keep to their schedules when it comes to construction. this never happens in manila.
hay naku, all we have here is the art done by MMDA people, which I must say, e mas maganda pa siguro gawa ko[let me remind you that in no way am I good in art]! he! he! but seriously, I think art on walls is better than just them being a plain, boring walls. at least you'll have something to look at diba? :)

true. i like art on walls. in moderation din naman, but i've seen some pretty good murals on white walls somewhere in manila. i think they were done by school kids. but they were attractive. plus we have those murals in luneta ;-)
i've been wondering what that artwork in shibuya was all about. akala ko kabaliwan lang. he he. (aryo)
huwaw! mural by taro,gusto ko rin yung mga sculpture nya may pagka- surreal/impressionism yung dating..

If grafitti is the way to be, let them paint the town red, wahaha, i love this wall, not as chaotic as MMDA's pink everywhere campaign. *sigh*

napa wow ako sa mga kuha mo architect!...heheh

galeeng a...

musta na jan?....mayaman na ba?..heheheehe..

kip it up...ingatz...
Hi caryn, this is francescain france.

Ive been lurking around the net, to go to Tokyo Japan this summer (if money and time allows) and Im thinking to ask you how much it cost us(me and husband) a day budget (hotel and resto) in tokyo.
Balita kasi na super mahal daw dyan!Feel ko lang ma experience culture of japan, gheisa and sumo fights for example.
I search tickets costs us 1000€ each, its like going home to manila.So why not go to japan direct and have a tour, hehe.
Wish you inform me.Thanks!
hi francesca! you can stay in budget hotels for 8,000yen a night. or at hostels for 5,000yen. that's per person, mind. they for meals, you can get a good sushi set or an all-you-can eat shabu-shabu for 1,200-1,500yen. those prices are for lunch. dinner is double that. if you want to watch sumo or kabuki, i think you can get special tickets that allow you to stay for a couple of hours only. those are cheaper. hope this helps!
I like exhibitions like this one. They have an interesting collection of art works. Wish I could be there.

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Hello Caryn,

The mural looks great. And if some World War II victims are always passing that way everyday, I can't imagine what they're feeling. :(