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grad school humor

heehee. its been ages since i read phd comics, so i had an extra belly-full of laughs when i dropped by their site today. i love the comics because they truly portray the life of grad students. where's the humor in that? its kind of hard to explain, but one thing you realize halfway through---if you don't laugh about yourself, you'll just end up crying and banging your head against a brick wall (or whatever finish the nearest wall has). and the beauty of this comic is realizing that you are not alone in your suffering, grad school people all over the world share in your misery. yay! it makes you want to shout in glee: hindi ako nag-iisa!

sure, grad school may sound cool, but it has a lot of downsides as well. people who go into grad school full-time miss out a lot on industry-related developments and bind themselves to the academe. plus, not many people walk this road, you end up feeling isolated from the rest of the world. who cares about theories when people are living in the REAL WORLD? 

in the end, you have to make a choice---academe or real life. wahahaha! grad school isn't all high-falluting intellectualism, its simply people trying to find solutions in their own way. no problems to solve? then you have to make up your own. and take it from me, that's even harder. para kang naghanap ng martilyong ipapampukpok mo sa ulo mo. seriously.
the edits on these road signs were really funny ;-) love love the last one. i wish they would have signs like these in my university. stuff like "this wall is for bashing your ass of a research assistant in," or signs that flash "free food here!" whenever theres a reception at some department. i swear in my first year, my classmates and i must've crashed 10 parties. half of them weren't even in our department! its reality---grad students on tiny stipends are natural freeloaders ;-)

this one was funny---people always wonder how some grad studes come up with 350-page dissertations---paano nga ba? cecilia (the girl in the red shirt above) received the advice: "Every thesis begins with a single keystroke." and of course, she begins with ctrl-c. wahahaha! i remember when i started thinking about a thesis topic, i was so optimistic. i wanted something ground-breaking, something original. yeah right, there's so little originality in the academe these days. plus, you have to do benchmarking, so you really have to find reputable articles and books to support your idea. so in effect, its true, thesis can start with a ctrl-c. diba, diba? aminin ;-)

this one was really hilarious. mike, the eternal grad student (who incidentally is a post-doc too. yikes! that makes me ... nevermind), listens to his wife rant about her getting laid off. she was told that all the work she had done for the past few years didn't matter at all. of course she was shocked. sakit no? mike however is non-plussed, as a grad student, he's used to that sort of bashing. sheesh. imagine slaving for hours, days, or weeks just to be told to do it over again kasi walang kwenta lahat ng ginawa mo. lekat. imagine that multiplied by the number of meetings you have with your proffy. ang saya-saya! it'd make anyone want to jump out of a window. thankfully ours has a wide ledge. hahaha!


all images are copyrighted by phdcomics.com
want more? hop on over to the PhD comics website ;-)

what about you guys, any funny memories of when you were studying?
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