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 what i miss most about not having a TV in the house is not being able to watch japanese commercials. i know commercials are something that most people like to avoid, and i used to too---that is, before i saw my first japanese CM.

heehee. this is an ad for mandom. when i first saw this in 2001, i couldn't get what they were saying, but i loved the clapping mohawks ;-) apparently, since mandom produces hair coloring products, this ad simply states that guys now have more choice ;-) (at least in a roundabout way) iro-iro here has a double meaning, it could pertain to different colors (iro) or different varieties (iroirona). i remember how an ilonggo batchmate responded when our nihongo sensei asked her where in the philippines she was from, she said, "sensei, iroiro" (iloilo), and the sensei said, "no, one only!" wahahaha! i had to step in and explain that iroiro was a place in the philippines ;-)

this was Reu's favorite. i still don't get it, but this was once immensely popular. it's an ad for a cash loan company, but it's more famous for all those flashing legs and arms ;-) heehee. i guess you can figure out why this was popular with guys. loan companies used to have really sexy ads, but lately they've been studiously trying to change their image. hehehe.

this is for a pocky commercial. heehee. i just love the part when the mom comes in ;-) 

and this is for all of you shun oguri fans out there ;-) love love this CM. sigh. when he was interviewed he said that the most difficult costume was that of the female actress. it took the artists 6 hours to make him up! heehee. sigh, if only i knew he would endorse au, i would never have had switched to softbank...not! ahhaha!

finally, this is something i've never seen before (it was originally aired in shizuoka), but nevertheless amazed me. its reiterates the station slogan, "customers first." it's subbed, so enjoy! love love its "the ring" moment. heehee. go and watch ;-)


what interesting commercials have you seen recently? ;-)

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caryn, it made my day, haha.
Funny Commercial
Hi Car

Gene here from BS AS. I always find time to drop by on your blog. Its entertaining. Speaking of commercials theres a lot of these funny ones in youtube.

take a look at these

Regards to gusting!
on ads galore
Hello caryn,

You know the GEOX commercial where almost everybody fainted except the one who took off his shoes. That was really funny. I also wanted to blog it. Found some at YouTube too. :D

Anyway, have a great week!

Re: on ads galore
heehee. will look for that one sofie ;-) youtube is a great resource for weird stuff!
there are still some commercials here in pinas na not worth watching, may mga annoying commercials and there are some na just senseless. hay naku...

Re: hi
hahaha! oo nga, i know what you mean sheng. atsaka CMs in the phils tend to tug at our heartstrings ;-)
Dati nung bata ako ayaw ko ng mga commercials kasi hadlang sa mga cartoons na pinapanuod ko. Pero yung ibang commercials na nakakaaliw masarap panoorin.
heehee, aliw yung last.

.: bem
very funny, caryn! i love seeing commercials from other countries; an added knowledge. my fave is the last one.
hehehe..I like the pocky commercial.