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Cool water

Hehehe. Saw this cute bottle at the orientation of new scholars at the Japanese Embassy in Manila. Isn't it cool? It's just the right size. I mean, I noticed everybody was able to finish theirs and no water was wasted. And since the bottles have that foil thingie at the end, there wasn't a need for bottle caps. I checked at the supermarket and the sell it for 5-8 php (I forgot exactly how much), but I think it's a great buy for picnics and receptions. Pretty good value for the size ;-)

Bottled Water
I see this every time I do grocery shopping and it's a little bottle which nags at me and keeps asking me to buy it. But have you noticed that bottled waters have their own flavors? I don't know why but I have discriminating against this little bottle - thinking that it will have that rusty flavor. LOL. So, how does it taste like?
Re: Bottled Water
hey thanks for dropping by and sorry for the uber late reply ;-)

hahaha! it tastes like regular bottled water, no rusty flavour. at least i think so. it's amazing that you've noticed the 'flavours' of bottled water---i never really notice, but one of my friends swears some brands taste icky. hm, i should tell her that she's not the only one who thinks so ;-)