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time flies...

;-) How time flies. It's almost been a year and a half since P-chan came screaming into the world (He still loves screaming, but that’s another story altogether).

It's been an interesting journey so far. Here are revelations that mommyhood has brought so far:

On breastfeeding...
... I can't believe I'm still doing it! Hahaha! How do I wean him? Wahaha! But these days, nursing sessions are more of cuddle sessions with Mama than actual feedings.

On cloth diapers...
...I tried, but disposables won out a few months ago when he outgrew his diaper covers. Sadly, unlike in Japan, there aren’t that many covers to choose from in Manila ;-( But we’ve been starting to toilet train him and he’s been wearing briefs in the evenings, so hopefully we’ll kick the diaper habit soon (fingers crossed).

On food...
... I'm really glad P-chan doesn't seem to be allergic to anything so far. He's a really adventurous eater and will try anything once. Though I specified that he not be given sodas, he's had everything from dinuguan, to puto, taho, and lechon. Among his favorites are bibingka, waffles, and fish crackers.

On buying things…
…it’s a good idea to check what’s available at your friendly neighborhood palengke before venturing out into the malls. Often, things will be a lot cheaper. I bought P-chan his first pair of shoes when he started taking baby steps at 7-8 months. It was a rubber affair I bought at the palengke for 50php (I managed to convinced the tindera to give me a 20php discount (Yay me!)--- and I got more use out of that than the pair I got him at Payless for 525php (shudder!). Recently, I bought him a pair of chairs for 70php each, which were way nicer than the 100php ones in the mall. Gosh, I am such a cheap mom. Hahaha!

On communication...
... It constantly amazes me how smart babies are. P-chan can now tell us where he wants to go, what he wants to eat, and which dog he loves best. He also understands when I tell him to give something to someone or to pick up his toys, but sometimes, he gets a really pilyo look and does the opposite of what I want just to get a rise out of me.

On milestones...
... Other people's kids will always sleep through the night, be better behaved, and learn their letters early. It doesn't mean anything that just because your kid isn’t the same, you aren't on the same level. Each child is different. I've learned to simply focus on P-chan and how he's progressing rather than judging his accomplishments vis-a-vis other babies. I love talking to other moms about how our babies are developing, but I dislike how some people can turn it all into a competition. It's just not healthy. I celebrate with P-chan whenever he masters a new skill and turns to me, his eyes full of pride. And boy, does my little boy love applause ;-)

On tough love…
…It’s hard to stay unmoved when P-chan looks at you with his big, round eyes with matching lip-quiver-and-pout (I wonder where he picked that little trick up?), or throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants, but I’ve learned that by standing firm and seeming unmoved, he gets past his pique in a few. Of course, I know that when I turn my back he appeals to his grandparents for spoiling ;-( the little rat.

On first words...
... I'm often asked if P-chan has started talking and what language he speaks. So far, it's been "Mama" and "ota" for water, but as to what language P-chan speaks, hands down it’s Bisaya. Seriously. Hahaha! It can’t be helped because most of the day he listens to his 2 yayas, Sandy (yaya’s kid and P-chan’s built-in playmate), and his lolo gabbing away in Boholano.

On letting him make mistakes...
... I personally think that kids learn by doing. They learn a lot from what they see us do, but most of the time, they have to have freedom and space to learn and make mistakes on their own. But I think this depends on the child really. P-chan seems to have inherited his father's independent nature, not to mention his bull-headedness (both Taureans, go figure), so he if he insists on doing something that won’t mortally endanger him, I let him do it even if it means he stubs a toe or hit his head. That way, he knows not to lift heavy objects because if they fall on his feet, it’ll hurt. (he still tries to lift some things, but knows he has to jump out of the way when it falls. Better than nothing, I suppose). He also knows how to go down the bed properly or duck when crawling out from the cubby hole beneath my mom’s dresser he loves playing in. In addition, Juls had just one request: that we not coddle P-chan (overly) much. So we (try) not to shout in alarm when he trips or falls, and instead encourage him to get up by himself. So P-chan hardly ever cries (unless he's throwing a tantrum) when he's hurt, he just stops a bit, gets up, and starts playing again. Of course there are times, when it hurts more than usual, that he'll go to Mama for a quick hug, but after a few minutes, he'll be off exploring again ;-)

Hay, there are a lot more things I’ve learned, but this post is the longest I’ve written in some time and I do hope I didn’t bore you ;-) I truly miss blogging!
So nice to read from you again! It's amazing how fast P-chan has grown, and it's great reading your thoughts on motherhood. I salute you on the breastfeeding too, I don't know how you did it, I completely gave it up after 3 months because I'm weak like that *sigh*. Are you going back to Japan soon?

Hope you will blog more too... I miss your blog!

Take care
Re: Hey!
hahaha! miss you too kala! ;-) naku, for me, i think i've withstood breastfeeding this long because i'm so tamad. hahaha!

hopefully, we'll be back to japan next january ;-)
What an update :) and I can't believe that you're baby's now walking. Time indeed flies.

Good to hear from you. (Kayni)
time flies
Time flies so fast nga, Ber na next week! Miss you Caryn!

Aww :)
You are a great mom, Caryn! I can very much relate to this post. I haven't been here for a while.. but I'm glad to be reading up on your updates. :) xox - Gracey
loved this post caryn. glad to see B growing up so wonderfully! - donna