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roof table


Heehee. Game to play abother round of guess what this is? This is one of the projects that kept me busy early 2011.

So is it a roof...

... or is it a table?

Heehee. It's both actually. Originally conceptualized as an exercise in roof-building for the students of Escuela Taller Intramuros, it was decided to fabricate the roof in a smaller scale and make it into a table.

It's actually nice because you get to appreciate the lovely lovely woodwork ;-) we don't actually have this type of construction here; the roof is based on spanish mudejar ceilings wherein the pieces all fit together like a puzzle. I really had fun designing this table (from the obscure photographs in the books M lent me), it was like geometry class--- only more fun! first we picked out a pattern we liked, then I had to figure out how the ceiling was incorporated into the roof grid. it was really tricky because i wanted to to be just like the original ones, interlocking parts and all. good thing M's mentor in mexico sent us working drawing that i based the specs on.  heehee. but it was all worth it; i was really happy with all the raves the table got at the exhibit at greenbelt 3 in makati.

to the artists, educators, students, and artisans over at ET Intramuros, you guys did a really great job!

The woodwork design is fantastic! It'd look awesome for, say, a porch roof.

nice table
Ang galing naman niyan! Nice table.
good job. sayang hindi ko napuntahan yan. Where ka ba sis.? Dito ka ba Pinas.

That truss looking table is indeed fantastic. Galing.

Galeng!! Proud of you Mrs. Santillan!