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Peko chan

Peko-chan chained to the doorway (there are numerous reports of thefts as the figure is a collector's item)

Hehehe. just a short break from the Kyoto posts (day 1 isn't over yet!) to feature one of the most popular japanese icons: Peko-chan, the mascot of one of Japan's oldest and most famous confectioners, Fujiya.  Juls and I dropped by Fujiya yesterday to get a birthday cake for Rex, AJ and Kat. Sure enough, at the entrance of the store stood Peko-chan, almost as tall as a middle-schooler, with her face frozen in the act of licking her lips and grinning. Who can blame her for grinning? I'd love to work for a cake shop too! ;-)

the communal cake of the night ;-) The figures on the cake are: (L-R) Poko-chan, dog (he's really called "dog"!) and Peko-chan in yummy gummy and icing

many japanese children give Peko's head a friendly pat whenever they pass by Fujiya. the slightest movement sets Peko's head wobbling (think: those wobbly-headed tiger-figure fad of taxis in Manila a few years back). Peko-chan is very fashion conscious and can be seen wearing many different outfits throughout the year; such as a schoolgirl's uniform at the start of each school year, kimono at festival time and even a Santa Claus suit at Christmas.

one of the celebrants, Kat, eating her Peko-chan gummy figure

Goy showing off one of the freebies, a kimono-clad Peko-chan phone strap ;-)

and because we bought quite a lot, we got another freebie! ;-)

the Peko-chan spoon encourages buyers to bring a spoon with them at all times and to stop using disposable chopsticks. o diba, how environmentally-correct! ;-)


who's your all-time favorite mascot? ;-)
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yummy! the cake looks delicious! i love chocolates! is that a choco cake? :D... and btw, nice freebies :D
favorite mascot? NONE! takot ako since birth!
that's a really really good initiative. i hope that the filipinos will do the same. as small as doing these helps us put a habit, a discipline and in being a responsible citizen.

dong ho
I absolutely hate mascots! Especially when my parents got me granny goose as a mascot on my third birthday. Bah! I have an urge to take a bat at them. Even cute jollibee.

- sinta,
talaga, sinta? i'm trying to remember what exactly the granny goose mascot looked like. hehehe ;-)
i love cakes! and i love to visit japan, too, sometime in the future. my favorite mascot remains to be my melody. when i was a kid, i would scrimp my baon just to buy my melody stuff. my first purchase was a folding wallet which cost me Php54. at that time, it was already expensive for me. my mom gave me 20 as a daily allowance if my memory serves me right. :)
naku, the cakes here are fab! not as sweet as the ones we have in manila, but one of my fave hangouts is an all-you-can-eat cake place in shibuya ;-)

my melody character items are still available at the local sanrio stores. i don't recognize a lot of the newer mascots though.
i used to have a lunch box with her face on it....bgay ng neighbor namin who used to work in japan as you know what...and i always wonder what the character is...peko chan pala name nya...ahahahha...

i like the phone strap...and the cake...yummm...
im drooling now....

Re: kagutom...
ang sweet naman ng kapit-bahay nyo ;-)

the japs just loooove charcters. they have a mascot for everything, trains, electronic shops, ice cream, fabric softener ... you name it ... even oden!
cute Peko
Peko pala ang name niya, nakikita ko siya palagi sa mga stickers. Super cute naman ng cake, sa sobrang cute nakakapanghinayang kainin ;p Dami talagang cute stuff dyan noh Ate.

Rachel -
Re: cute Peko
hahahah! there are about a thousand and one mascots here, that i find it hard to keep track of them too ;-)
Oh my, those are so cute. I love Japanese characters. I love the Sanrio ones. Hello Kitty, my Melody, etc. I love the freebies too.
my all time fave icon is, i guess, hello kitty!
that cake sure looks yummy...
naku, i think helloo kitty will be declared a national cultural treasure soon ;-) hahaha! kitty chan is still everywhere!
ang cute!
sobrang cute niya! siguro isa din ako sa magttry na tanggalin siya dun sa pagkakatali niya! lol. ako din gusto ko din magtrabho sa bakeshop! basta ang cute cute niya!
Re: ang cute!
o, careful, baka mapag-lihian ;-) there are actually specific penalties for people who have tried that, mind ;-)
Hey Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow naman inggit ako sa you japayuki ka! haha! I always dreamt of visiting Japan, maybe one of these days. Architect ka? OMG! I took Architecture, graduated and all but never really pursued it. Oh well...Anyway, tell me how the swap works? I'm quite intrigued. Btw, here's my URL so you can follow me back: THANKS!!! - Maricris
Re: Hello
thanks maricris! its a nice place to live ;-) will get back to you with details on the swap
Hi, 1st time to comment here. I don't have a favorite mascot but my 3yr old have Dora the Explorer. Coincidentally, with a different hair-do, your Peko-chan looks just like her.
hey, thanks for the comment and for dropping by ;-)

i've seen dora. i made it a point to look for her after a friends daughter berated me for not knowing. hahaha! at first i was all, "what? dora rat killer?" hahaha!
musta po?
salamat sa pag bisita sa amin at pag bigay ng comments elink oks lng? ganun talaga dito huebes lang kasi sabado at linggo na simbahan kami tumutugtug kaya huebes na lng salamat uli.
hmmm. bigla akong nagutom. ala bang tira dyan?
I love the Japanese icons and items. Everything is so so very cute!! I would love to have a pic w/ Peko Chan & my kids. I never heard of her so its interesting to see all your pics. She is really cute! I went to Japan once but over 10 years ago when I was traveling to PI w/my Mom. We spent a few days there, not enough time to see all I wanted but it was neat to see how the city looks. I also like the freebies you get from these places! How fun! I guess my all-time favorite mascot, even to this day when I already have kids of my own....Hello Kitty! hee. =D
hey, thanks for dropping by! glad you founf the entries interesting. you'll be happy to know that kitty-chan is still very much alive in tokyo ;-)
peko-chan galore! i got to meet them in chocolate form many years ago at taipei's CKS airport! :P

-fortuitous faery
Awesome freebies you got and the cake looks delish.
Anyway, thanks for dropping by last week!
To answer your question about the photo in the fountain place; that photo was taken in Dallas, TX!

why the name?
Thanks for introducing Peko Chan. Learned something new. What does it mean? I like that cake!
i like the watermelon and the pudding teaspoon, although i could eat the watermelon without having to use the teaspoon! hihi. your holiday photos are great! :)

Oh those are so cute!
And freebies? I love freebies of any kind!

~ Gracie ~
i know. japan is full of freebies; especially in shibuya. hehehe. i swear if you stay there long enough, you'll get enough stuff to get you through life in tokyo ;-)
mascots freak me out, but i'm all for their teeny tiny miniatures. your peko-chan minis are so deliciously cute! japan is a crafter's haven, i think i will faint from too much excitement in the craft shops there. especially their fabrics. and ribbons. hayyyyy.. :)

from crumb trails
i miss peko chan! i used to buy peko chan stuff when i lived in japan for a while.
Re: from crumb trails
i used to be scared of her actually, but now i've gotten used to her oversized head lolling from side to side ;-)

fujiya cakes are tops! ;-)
cute naman. parang si nancy. i'm not fond of mascots but i remember when when we went to tokyo tower, nagpipicture ako with sailor moon. hehe favorite kasi siya ng niece ko. and meron pa isa na i forgot the name - basta malaki ipen niya.

my little lady loves kitty chan! her kuya gave her a hello kitty stuffed toy last christmas - katabi niya sa pagtulog along with her favorite pillow.